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Our 2023 Queens


Mrs New England Petite, Olivia Brewer 4th Runner up Petite USA

Teen New England Petite, Dara Winchester 3rd Runner up Petite USA

Miss New England Petite, Shannah Weller 1st Runner up Petite USA

Ms New England Petite, Kimberly Campbell 2nd Runner up Petite USA


Elite Ms Massachusetts Petite, Pamela Linscott

Ms Massachusetts Petite, Shahenda Aly Top 11 Petite USA

Miss Massachusetts Petite, Ashley Ngo Top 15 Petite USA

Teen Massachusetts Petite, Hannah Bettencourt

Mrs Massachusetts Petite, Jenn Pozzo



Ms New Hampshire Petite, Stephanie Mailhot Top 11 Petite USA

Miss New Hampshire Petite, Mackenzie Jollie Top 15 Petite USA

Teen New Hampshire Petite, Julianna Bowen

Mrs New Hampshire Petite, Amanda Van Orden

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